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NO. 06

Triester Stiag’n

Miriam Leitinger

Project description

Triester Stiag’n is a photographic exploration of the Triestersiedlung in Graz. The Triester Straße runs from Vienna via the suburbs of Graz to the harbour in Trieste. Already before the First World War, working class settlements were built here. Afterwards they began to expand and at the same time wanted to change the image of the settlement. However, single-family houses were always built in low quality. Today, the social buildings are full of many different people and serve as housing for various population groups. The photographic work deals with the seemingly grey block of flats, which on closer inspection and examination brings a great deal of colourfulness and vivacity with it. The exhibition object invites the viewer to engage with the housing area, to explore it picture by picture in order to gain a vibrant insight.