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NO. 32

Solar bites – Now I see you

Alexandra Samandar, Magdalena Samonigg, Marlene Dirnberger, Sarah Unterüberbacher, Selina May, Alicia Martinez Lopez

Project description

Solar energy has gained importance in recent decades as an environmentally friendly way to supply one’s household with electricity. What can actually be powered by solar panels and for how long, however, is often not imaginable or tangible. The project “Solar Bites” is intended to raise awareness about the energy consumption of everyday electronic devices in a playful manner and gives further insight in the time it takes to generate the required energy for the devices via a solar panel. Therefore, the visitors can use the flash light of their phones to light up a solar panel that is attached to the installation which triggers the charging process. The time needed for fully charging and the fictionally produced solar energy are in scale with the actual data needed to charge and produce. The “Solar Bites” installation will hopefully encourage people to use solar panels increasingly in the future, so that we can make planet Earth a better place for ourselves and future generations.