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NO. 15


Jasmina Dautović, Miriam Leitinger, Valerie Zengerer

Project description

“Zauberei” is a card game which combines the history and techniques of traditional printing with a magical touch and lots of fun! Four different colors represent the four main printing methods and are divided into numbers of 0-12 per color. Additionally, there are four neutral “Meisterinnen” cards which are the most powerful as well as four neutral “Digitalistinnen” cards which have the lowest value. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by collecting trumps—but be careful, the exact number of trumps has to be predicted before each rounds starts! Otherwise you will lose points again. To spice it up even more, there is one special card of every color which has a bonus function and will turn around the game structure even more. Zauberei is illustrated with detailed and mysterious images, referring to a specific part of the four printing processes. The box also contains a little notepad where you can note the points of every player after every round. Excited if you can master this magical game? Get a limited copy right now and challenge yourself and your friends.