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NO. 24

Type and Play!

Karin Schmerda
Coding for Interaction: Magdalena Samonigg

Project description

Often our life demands a certain rigor and seriousness for the cause from us. Sometimes, however, we let ourselves go, step out of line, are perfectly imperfect and simply surrender to being playful. The project “Play” takes up this dual character of life and translates it into a typeface. It is a variable font that interpolates along the axis of “playfulness”. With 0 % playfulness the font is a strictly sans serif. At the other end of the axis, with 100 % playfulness, the letters turn into a script font—just as if you had actually scribbled on a piece of paper. Doing so, “Play” does not aim at perfection. It rather invites to playfully create typographic contrast with one single typeface. So try it out: Type and play!