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NO. 28


Ole Klaestad, Anna Mitterhauser, Alex Samandar, Magdalena Samonigg, Sebastian Hager

Project description

Unfortunately the magic potions of Milo, the wizard, were stolen and are now hidden throughout the whole village. He needs your help to find all of his potions and get back to his tower before it is too late. But look out for the evil skeletons! They are guarding the potions and trying to prevent Milo from getting them back.

Revisionary is an immersive single player game controlled by an eye tracking device. By looking at different spots on the screen, the player can navigate the main character through the village. This can be quite the challenge, since the player has to face a lot of obstacles on the way. Behind every corner there is an enemy, a passage that is hard to pass or a distraction trying to interfere the players focus. Can you focus enough to make it through the game?