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NO. 26

Portfolio Machine

Interaction Design Major

Project description

The topic of the whole exhibition is “Creating Atmospheres” and our main task was to create a portfolio which would be connected to the topic. We used different design approaches and came up with the idea of a periodic table where each student is a separate element. The Portfolio Machine is a new creative way of showing CMSI-students and their projects from a more personal point of view. Each major has its own color, so people can easily differentiate them. The main message of the project is that we are all different and essential pieces creating one unique atmosphere. All of us are individuals and, at the same time, elements of the big picture.

The Portfolio Machine has a big screen on which the visitors can see an overview of all the students, who are represented as elements of a periodic table. Besides that, there is a luminous wall made out of small lights, which reacts to the interactions that users have inside the periodic table. Each individual light is a person with a different color and each major is a group of lights on the wall.