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NO. 17

Comparison is simply stupid

Anna-Lena Misun

Project description

When do you feel good? I feel best about myself when I stop comparing myself to others. We often compare our appearance, skills, knowledge, or experience. We see that someone is better in something we also love to do–but what we don’t see is that maybe they are already doing this for several years, maybe they have someone in their live who helped them a lot or maybe they work really hard every night to improve their skills. You and your skills are not comparable to what others are achieving. And that’s totally fine. Because you are not them. So, as you would not say that a fork is better than a spoon, don’t say that someone else is better than you. Others achievements should not make you feel bad about yourself. You are a spoon, and they are a fork, and you all have your purpose and the things you are good at.