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NO. 34

Coffee Archetypes

Thomas Pschaid, Monika Uzelac, Kerstin Slany, Chiara Cucurachi, Nikolaos Goutzeris, Marton Szabo-Kass

Project description

The concept of this project aims to present different coffee types that can be connected to personalities. The target client for the project is a generic coffee trading company, with innovative marketing and ideas outside the coffee box. With this project, the company is able to offer its customers an interactive representation of its products, along with insights on coffee properties, their origins, as well as other details and a link to their online store. The target users are coffee lovers and enthusiasts who are searching for the coffee type that fits their character the best and are interested in knowing more about the coffee they consume. The system is built around different coffee capsules, representing different personalities, from which the user can choose their most suitable ones. By inserting the capsule into the coffee machine, the specific animations are triggered. The globe shows the origin and growing region and the packages show different details of the coffee type. Packaging designs incorporate interesting information as well as moods and a QR code leading to a direct online store purchasing option.