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NO. 39

binaural atmospheres

Björn Bernreiter, Christoph Bus, Noah Rachdi, Lehel Török
Implementation: Aaron Nossek

Project description

We can locate sounds in three dimensions only with our two ears, but have you ever wondered how? In short, if we record audio using two microphones placed inside a dummy head (“Kunstkopf”), we can capture the three-dimensional sound stage. We just have to listen to the recording with headphones. Sound engineers and sound designers alike strive for the newest leaps in technological possibilities. Nowadays, we can create binaural 3D immersive audio experiences from the comfort of our home studios, armed only with our headphones and computers. With binaural audio, it is possible to map sounds not only to left and right but to all three dimensions. In this exhibit, we want to show you the possibilities of this technique in a wide range of projects.